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Our variety of resource materials will give you better insight on how to be fit through regular fitness exercise techniques .

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Physical fitness is the backbone of all life engagements and to a large extend determines the performance of all individuals and groups in their endeavours. Most individual and their families got about their daily activities without engaging in physical fitness exercises, ignorant of the fact that when intake of calories exceeds work done, one is prone to fast killing sedentary lifestyle diseases. Furthermore, majority of indivdual rely on drugs and undefine exercise for their physical fitness exercise programme without fitness evaluation. However, this is not enough. Currently, physical fitness is an important requirement for healthy living and free from sedentary lifestyle diseases. Also it is use for coping with the daily stress and challenges that personnel might face. It is important for all to be engaged in regular physical fitness exercises. This is even more pertinent for personnel

why by the virtue of their calling are expected to maintain a very high level physical fitness status. Physical fitness has also been identified as the core backbone of all life engagements and to a large extends determine the health performance of al during work, operation and life engagements. The critical elements involed in fighting sedentary lifestyle are awareness, attitude and active involvement in exercises. These transformations are active interwined and reveal the cohesion between how informtion is gathered, communicated, impacted on attitudes as well as how people get involed. Based on this, it is necessary to educate everybody on practices that can help them prevent the incidence of chronic diseases attributed to sedentary lifestyles because only physical fitness exercise can be used for preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care. This would invariably produce personnel who are healthy, agile and productive.

Among Our Focus

Expand physical fitness interest and awareness of the benefits of regular physical activity, sports participation, and good nutrition.

Target all Nigerians, with particular emphasis on children and adolescents, as well as populations or communities in which specific risks or disparities in participation in, access to, or knowledge about the benefits of physical activity, fitness, sports participation, and good nutrition have been identified.

Stimulate and enhance coordination of programs within and among the private and public sectors that promote physical activity, fitness, sports participation and.