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If you are a top sports person or professional who works with athletes, or want to be, Fitness Guide provides a wide range of quality information about sports, science, fitness and nutrition, plus much more. Browse the sections below to explore.

  • Sports Biomechanics - the science of movement for sports
  • Sports Medicine - medical advice for keeping fit and healthy.
  • Sports Psychology - the mind key to sporting success
  • Sports - links to comprehensive information on a range of sports.
  • List of Sports - a list of every sport from around the world
  • athlete profiles
  • sports heroes
  • sporting records
  • sports rules
  • world of sport
  • Weight Loss - eating and exercise guidelines for losing weight.
  • Sports Nutrition - all you need to know about Sport Nutrition - a wealth of information about eating right for sports and activities.
  • Healthy Nutrition - eating well for your health.

Major Sporting Events - portal to info on the great major events from around the world, such as ...

  • Olympic Games
  • FIFA World Cup Football
  • Cricket World Cup
  • Commonwealth Games
  • plus many more ...