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How do I choose the right career?

In America, the sports sector is as rich as the iron and steel sector. During the nineteenth century, sport entered the fabric and structure of our whole world of life- intellectually, philosophically, emotionally, socially and physically. Sports govern our lives to a social phenomenon and have a remarkable esteem. Sports, is one of the major unifying factors of the world. The sporting career has great supremacy over all careers in the world. All participants, supporters, investors, manufacturers, presenters and broadcasters speak with the same voice. Utilizing the various levels of analysis, one can establish the areas of job opportunities in the following fields:

Aerospace & Aviation:
  1. Sports Career Counseling/ Guidance
  2. Sports Media Journalism (Reporter)
  3. Sports Media Journalism (Commentator)
  4. Sports Media Journalism (Photography)
  5. Sports Media Radio Presenter
  6. Sports Media Television Presenter
  7. Sports Nutrition
  8. Sports Administration
  9. Sports Medicine
  10. Sports Goods Manufacturing
  11. Sports Goods Distributor
  12. Sports Goods Retailer
  13. Sports Books Publishing
  14. Sports Entertainment
  15. Sports Facility and Equipment Management
  16. Sports Tourism
  17. Recreational, Parks and Resort Management
  18. Sports Technical Advisor
  19. Sports Marketing
  20. Sports Hospitality
  21. Professional athlete sports club management
  22. Sports recruitment/ Client management
  23. Sports Curriculum development
  24. Sports ticketing
  25. Sports agent ( Player transfer window market)
  26. Stadium Management
  27. Sports Events Management
  28. Sports Interpreter
  29. Sports Sociology
  30. Sports History
  31. Sports Pedagogy
  32. Sports Aerobics
  33. Sports Psychology
  34. Sports Anatomy
  35. Exercise physiology
  36. Sports exercise and fitness evaluator
  37. Sports Law
  38. Sports Therapy
  39. Sports Promoter
  40. Sports Consultancy
  41. Adapted physical Education
  42. Exercise Rehabilitation
  43. Sports film Production
  44. Rhythms and Dance Education
  45. Athlete Manager
  46. Sports instructor/lecturer
  47. Sports gambling/betting/pool
  48. Sports instructional material/technology
  49. Spectator management
  50. Aging Management
  51. Comparative physical education and sports
  52. Girls and women in sports
  53. Martial arts Education
  54. Measurement and evaluation of physical education
  55. Olympic education and development
  56. Physical education at the College level
  57. Physical education at the Primary level
  58. Physical education at the Secondary level
  59. Physical education professional athlete preparation and certification
  60. Physical education professional athlete standards and ethics
  61. Physical education Research and development
  62. Physical fitness laboratory centre
  63. Sports Biomechanics
  64. Sports Academy Management
  65. Stadium Security and management