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This page describes a flexibility test using the Acuflex II wall-mounted or free standing apparatus. Although this test is called “trunk rotation” it actually tests the flexibility of a set of body parts, including ankles, knees, trunk, shoulder and neck. There is also a simple trunk flexibility test that does not require any equipment.

  • aim: The purpose of this flexibility test is to measure the flexibility of the ankles, knees, trunk, shoulder and neck. Trunk flexibility is important in many sports and for injury prevention.
  • equipment required: Acuflex II
  • procedure: Adjust the Acuflex II for the individual's height. Stand with with your feet shoulder width apart, side on to the apparatus. You should be about arms length away, though you may need to adjust the distance from the wall once you start the test. Twist your trunk to the side and the touch the apparatus behind you with your fingertips, keeping your arms extended and parallel to the floor. You are allowed to turn your shoulders, hips and knees as long as your feet do not move. Measure the result from the scale on the Acuflex II. Repeat for the other side with your feet in the opposite position.
  • scoring: Take the average of the two scores (left and right sides).
  • target population: This test is popular with golfers, though trunk flexibility is particularly important in other sports such as swimming, racket sports and throwing and hitting sports.
  • advantages: this is a simple test to perform, and is adjustable for different heights and arm lengths.
  • disadvantages: need to purchase a specific apparatus.
  • comments: The Acuflex II comes complete with instructions and 1 year warranty.