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1 km Swim Test

This is an aerobic swimming fitness test. The 1 km Swim Test is part of the eTID Talent Identification Testing Program for the sport of triathlon, and their protocol is listed here.

  • purpose: This test measures aerobic fitness and swimming ability.
  • equipment required: standard 50 meter swimming pool is preferred, stopwatch
  • procedure: The aim of this test is to swim 1 km in the fastest time possible. Any swim stroke and turn may be used, but freestyle is preferable and expected to maximize speed. Swimmers begin the test in the water at one end of the pool. On the command ‘ready, start’ the clock will start, and you will begin swimming at your own pace. Stop the stopwatch when the subject hand touches the wall when the 1km has been completed.
  • scoring: The total time to complete the distance is recorded, to the nearest second. If a pool other than a standard 50 swimming pool is used, the actual length should be recorded with the results.
  • comments: A maximum of three swimmers per lane is permitted (try to space 15 seconds apart at the start), and no drafting off other swimmers is allowed.