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Hexagon Agility Test

  • aim: This is a test of the ability to move quickly while maintaining balance.
  • equipment required: tape measure, chalk or tape for marking ground, stopwatch
  • procedure: Using athletic tape, mark a hexagon (six sided shape) on the floor. The length of each side should be 24 inches (60.5 cm), and each angle should work out to be 120 degrees. The person to be tested starts with both feet together in the middle of the hexagon facing the front line. On the command 'go', they jump ahead across the line, then back over the same line into the middle of the hexagon. Then, continuing to face forward with feet together, jump over the next side and back into the hexagon. Continue this pattern for three full revolutions. Perform the test both clockwise and anti-clockwise.
  • scoring: The athletes score is the time taken to complete three full revolutions. The best score from two trials is recorded. Comparison of the anti-clockwise and clockwise directions will show if any imbalances exist between left and right movement skills.
  • advantages: This is a simple agility test to perform, requiring limited equipment and space.
  • disadvantages: Only one person can perform the test at a time.
  • comments: If you jump the wrong line or land on a line then the test is to be restarted